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  • Gas prices to be cut by 10%

    The Geneva utility company, SIG, says it will drop household gas prices by 10% at the beginning of next month.
  • Health insurers told to repay customers

    The Federal Office of Public health has ordered health insurance companies to pay back premiums to customers in several cantons due to overcharging.
  • Good news for French second home owners

    A new ruling by the European Court of Justice, the EU’s highest court, is good news for those who own a second home in France and live within the E...
  • US Embassy seeks new local art

    The US Embassy in Bern is holding a competition for Swiss artists to feature in a display in the building.
  • Greek billions in Swiss banks

    It’s thought billions of francs stashed in Switzerland are from Greek nationals looking to avoid tax or to keep their money safe during the country...
  • DAB continues to grow quickly

    Figures released show Switzerland will soon have more than 2 million DAB radios being used, including 3 quarters of a million cars equipped with DAB.