Clean Up with WRS and Batmaid

Batmaid Clean Up with WRS and Batmaid

Let's face it - keeping your home clean is a time-consuming and often daunting chore! And, according to some experts, despite our best efforts we may not be cleaning our homes often or thoroughly enough. So why not let the experts do it for you instead?

WRS has teamed up with Batmaid, the 2-in-1 cleaning service to make your life easier. Batmaid is the 1st online platform where you can book your certified maid in less than 60 seconds, and with Batmaid you get 1) the highest standard of home cleaning carried out by reliable and professional cleaners and 2) a trusted service whereby your cleaner is legally declared and insured.

We have a first prize of 12 hours free cleaning by Batmaid - worth over CHF 380. 

We also have fantastic second and third prizes:  

2nd prize - 6 hours free cleaning worth over CHF 190.

3rd prize - 3 hours free cleaning worth over CHF 90.

The winner will be drawn during the Breakfast Show on Monday 28th January.

To be in the draw to win either of these prizes just simply answer the following question correctly:

According to Good Housekeeping, how often should you do a 'complete' vacuum of the whole house? (Need a clue?)