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A taste of summer!

Food & Drink // By WRS intern // July 14, 2016
Provided by // Domaine de Châteauvieux

Damien Coche is Head Chef at the prestigious Domaine de Châteauvieux near Geneva. Here he shares a fresh and delicious gourmet dish from his summer menu – created with fish and local asparagus.

A taste of summer!

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Lightly poached Féra du Lac Léman, green asparagus from Meyrin, served with bacon from the Valais and a delicately spiced jus de viande...



Four fillets of freshly-caught féra

12 spears of green asparagus from Meyrin, Geneva

30g salt

10g semoule-sugar

15cl Jura vin jaune

10g clarified butter

Fleur de sel

White pepper

200g lard du Valais

1/4 onion


Jus de viande - made with veal stock, red wine,

carrot, onion, leeks, pepper, mixed spice, butter and Port


De-bone and prepare the fish fillets, lightly seasoning the underside with a mix of the salt and sugar. Leave for one hour and then rinse before marinating for half a day in the Jura vin jaune. Trim into slices and lift the skin. Trim the asparagus and prepare the heads and upper part of the spear by plunging into boiling water, before refreshing with cold. Make a purée of the lower part; finely chop and slow-cook an onion, add the asparagus, cover and simmer. Combine. Trim the lard du Valais into extra fine slices (chiffonade).

To serve

Lightly cook the filet of fish in the warm clarified butter. Pour the asparagus puree gently onto the plate and place three heads of butter-glazed asparagus and three fine slices of lard du Valais in delicate curls. Position the slice of féra in the centre, and drizzle with the jus. Serve additional jus in a small jug.

Tags: cooking

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