Uli Van Neyghem


When German-born artist Uli Van Neyghem moved to Switzerland 10 years ago, she had no idea that the move would lead her to gaze deep into the eyes of so many cows. 

She depicted the personalities of the famous fighting cows of "Reines des Alpes" (Queens of the Alps) in a collection of portraits that she created for a femininity themed art fair, thereby giving a unique spin to the traditional motto. 

As she did during her years living in Luxembourg, Uli uses her art to get to know Switzerland and to make it her home. She creates serene atmospheres using acrylics, sometimes incorporating a mixed media approach with collage, coal, and bitumen. Uli's contemporary renderings of mountain animals show them melting into the background, as their living equivalents do in their rocky habitat. She creates lake scenes and still lifes, often with reflections of a translucent beauty. You can discover her art and get in contact with her through her website ulivanneyghem.com

Uli Van Neyghem is also co-founder of Collaborative Artâ„¢, created by artist Stephanie Fonteyn, facilitating creative workshops, events and team building events worldwide.

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