Syria war: 29 Turkish troops killed in air strike in Idlib

Turkey has begun hitting back at Syrian government targets, Turkish state media say.

Coronavirus: Shares face worst week since global financial crisis

Asian stock markets continue falling, as the coronavirus spreads across the globe.

Obama slams 'despicable' attack ad against Joe Biden

The ex-US leader wants to stop TV stations airing the ad about black voters which is aimed against Joe Biden.

Philippines volcano: Residents return to visit island

Philippines residents who briefly return to homes near the Taal volcano find haunting scenes.

Grandfather admits guilt in girl's cruise ship death

Salvatore Anello thought the window the girl fell through on the cruise ship was covered by glass.

Scientists detect biggest explosion since Big Bang

The blast in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster left a cavity 15 times bigger than our Milky Way galaxy.

Plans for first US 'safe injection site' derailed again

The addiction management method used in Europe and Canada has met determined opposition in the US.

Putin dismisses rumours he uses body doubles for security

The Russian president says the idea was mooted during the Chechen War in the early 2000s.

Ten-year-old in Houston, Texas accidentally shot by babysitter

The babysitter had been taking selfies with the weapon when the shooting occurred on Tuesday.

Canada to stop paying Harry and Meghan's security

The government will cease providing security for the couple who are stepping down as senior royals.

Catherine Pugh: Ex-Baltimore mayor handed three year prison term

Catherine Pugh disguised kickbacks as children's book sales for seven years during her time in office.

Delhi riots: Anger as judge critical of violence removed

Delhi high court judge S Muralidhar castigated police over the violence which left more than 37 dead.

How making a violin brought these two together

When Nashville musician Amanda asked violinmaker Ray to make her one, little did she know where it would lead.

Afghanistan conflict: US-Taliban deal raises hope for peace

A long-awaited accord between the US and the Taliban is greeted cautiously by a war-weary population.

The crisis forcing mothers to give away their babies

Venezuela's economic crisis is driving some mothers unable to feed their children to drastic measures.

Protecting whales from the noise people make in the ocean

Oil drilling and construction is creating a din for sealife - new tech is hoping to turn the volume down.

Greta Thunberg: Who is the teenage climate change activist?

The Swedish teenager started a climate change protest that grew into a global movement of millions.

Leap years and why we need them

It's a leap year which means there's an extra day in the calendar - 29 February 2020. But why do we need it?

Coronavirus: On the front line in Wuhan

The BBC speaks to a Chinese doctor who has been on the front line of fighting Coronavirus in Wuhan.

Coronavirus: The ‘propaganda push’ in China

As China battles the deadly virus, medics on the front line are being hailed as heroes.

Burst water main leaves drivers stranded

Flooding in Houston led to cars being submerged and people having to take refuge on their roofs.

Beckham on his US club Inter Miami's MLS debut

Co-owner David Beckham describes his "perseverance, stubbornness and bloody-mindedness" as Inter Miami prepare to make their MLS debut against LAFC in Los Angeles this weekend.

Coronavirus in US: 'We're not over-reacting nor under-reacting'

What has been the reaction from authorities to the person who contracted the virus in California?

Afghan peace talks: The woman who negotiated with the Taliban

Fawzia Koofi's life changed under the Taliban and they tried to kill her - but she talked to them.