John Kerry: UK climate summit is world's 'last best chance'

The new US climate envoy says time is running out for the world to address the climate crisis.

Coronavirus: EU and AstraZeneca seek to resolve vaccine supply crisis

Both sides pledge to work together after a reported 50 million-dose shortfall for the 27-member EU.

Singapore boy held over Christchurch-style plot

The 16-year-old planned to knife Muslims at mosques and livestream the attack, authorities say.

Covid: Australian states to reopen to Sydney after outbreak contained

Travel bans ease across Australia after a Covid outbreak in its biggest city is brought under control.

Apple Christmas sales surge to $111bn amid pandemic

Families loaded up on the latest technology and sales increased in China.

US issues 'heightened threat' alert after transition

Security chiefs warn that the storming of the US Capitol may embolden some home-grown extremists.

Covid-hit New Orleans turns homes into floats for Mardi Gras

Residents hit upon the idea after the annual street parade was cancelled because of the pandemic.

Navalny protests: Russia threatens TikTok with fines over protest posts

Russia says TikTok and other social media giants are refusing to remove posts about recent protests.

German Lübcke trial: Far-right defendant faces killing verdict

Stephan Ernst admits firing the shot that killed prominent pro-migrant politician Walter Lübcke.

Covid-19: US regulators issue warning over 'toxic' Mexico hand sanitisers

Dangerous levels of toxic ingredients are found in many alcohol-based sanitisers imported to the US.

Hogging Covid vaccines endangers all nations, warns South Africa expert

No countries are safe until all are vaccinated, a leading Covid-19 adviser in South Africa says.

Emotet botnet taken down by international police swoop

Police from the UK, EU, and North America take down a notorious cyber-crime web.

Chinese New Year: Clamping down on going home for the holidays

China is striving to curtail the world's biggest mass migration event when people go home to see family.

Antony Blinken: Who is America's new top diplomat?

The 58-year-old is on home turf in the state department, vowing to restore trust after the Trump era.

Sani Abacha - the hunt for the billions stolen by Nigeria's ex-leader

A phone call in the middle of the night led one Swiss lawyer to pursue Nigeria's stolen money.

What tech can the US president use?

From the ObamaPad to Joe Biden's Apple Watch and Peloton, being president can be a tech challenge.

Biden: 'Time to act' on climate crisis

President Joe Biden signs executive orders on climate change, saying the US has waited too long.

Kristal and her students are fighting to eradicate ocean plastic

Kristal Ambrose set up the Bahamas Plastic Movement in 2013 in a bid to reduce pollution.

Iraq killings: Who's behind a series of murders?

BBC News Arabic investigates a series of killings and the power of Shia militia groups in Iraq.

How women played a major role in Yemen's Arab Spring

Yemeni lawyer Ishraq al-Maqtari shares her memories of being one of the first women to take to the streets in Taiz city, which later became known as the 'cradle of the revolution'.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2021: 'It's sad when I sit there alone'

Already a difficult day, honouring those killed by the Nazis will be different this year, as the pandemic prevents survivors and their families being together.