Pope Francis indicates support for same-sex civil unions

"They are children of God and have a right to a family," Pope Francis says in a new documentary.

Nigeria Sars protest: Unrest in Lagos after shooting

Amnesty International says at least 12 people were killed on Tuesday during protests in the city.

Purdue Pharma to plead guilty in $8bn opioid settlement

The deal with the US Department of Justice settles some of the most serious claims against the OxyContin-maker.

Covid: No safety concerns found with Oxford vaccine trial after Brazil death

Oxford University says a review has found no safety concerns after the Brazilian volunteer's death.

France teacher attack: Students 'paid €300' to identify Samuel Paty

Two teenagers were allegedly paid hundreds of euros to point out the teacher before he was killed.

The Countdown: Avengers stars quiz Kamala Harris and what to wear to vote

What can you wear when you vote, and who gets to ask Kamala Harris questions?

Breonna Taylor: Officer in shooting says it 'was not a race thing'

Louisville Police Sgt Jonathan Mattingly said Ms Taylor's case had "nothing to do with race".

Berlin mystery attack targets 70 museum artefacts

The attack took place on the German capital's Museum Island and took over two weeks to come to light.

Trump maintains bank account in China, says NY Times

The US president, who sparked a trade war with Beijing, is critical of US firms doing business in China.

Cocaine worth $500m found hidden in charcoal shipment

Police in Paraguay discovered the record haul of the drug in a container destined for Israel.

Many killed and wounded in Afghanistan visa stampede

Chaos broke out when thousands gathered in a stadium in Afghanistan to apply for visas to Pakistan.

India hands over Chinese soldier who crossed border

The PLA soldier was apprehended by India after he strayed across their contested border on Monday.

Elation as Nasa's Osiris-Rex probe tags asteroid Bennu in sample bid

Osiris-Rex makes brief contact with asteroid Bennu in an effort to pick up fragments of rock.

Nigeria Sars protests: Horror over shootings in Lagos

Anger and shock after men in camouflage open fire on those protesting at Lagos' Lekki toll gate.

Covid: How to protest during a global pandemic

Young activists explain the challenges they have faced in demonstrating during a global pandemic.

End Sars protests: Growing list of celebrities pledge support for demonstrators

There is continuing unrest in Lagos after witnesses said the army fired on demonstrators.

US election 2020: Why it can be hard to vote in the US

Long queues, weird rules and strict ID laws... what are the barriers to voting and why do they exist?

Long Covid: Who is more likely to get it?

A study suggests old age increases the risk, as does asthma, excess weight, and being female.

EU asks: Is a vegetarian sausage really a sausage?

A bill that would ban vegetarian items from being called sausages or burgers is set to be voted on.

Elderly couple, married for 60 years, reunited after 215 days apart

Joseph and Eve, who have been married for 60 years, were separated due to Covid restrictions.

Nigeria End Sars protest: Eyewitnesses say ‘the soldiers opened fire’

There were violent clashes at an End Sars demonstration and protestors claim the army opened fire 'to kill'.

Woman rescued from burning car by police officer in California

Police footage shows the driver being pulled out of the vehicle, which had caught fire following a crash.

Iceland PM keeps her cool as earthquake disrupts interview

Katrín Jakobsdóttir kept calm as a 5.5 magnitude earthquake interrupted a live TV interview.

First baby male gorilla born at Boston zoo

After a successful Caesarean section, mother gorilla Kiki welcomed a healthy baby.