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French and Vaud police make more amoured truck arrests

National News // Nov. 19, 2020

Police in canton Vaud and in France have made further arrests in connection with a series of attacks on cash transporters.

Pixabay French and Vaud police make more amoured truck arrests

In coordinated raids officers from a specialized organized crime squad in the French city of Lyon and police in Vaud grabbed 13 in total – 5 in Vaud and 8 in France.

The suspects are thought to have been involved with a robbery on a security van in Mont-sur-Lausanne in June last year.

Between 2017 and 2019 several vans were attacked in Vaud using the same pattern. The drivers were threatened with guns, the attackers used explosives to open the doors and then fled to France.

Often, they then burnt the vehicle.

It was only last month police also made arrests in connection with the raids – 7 were taken into custody in La Sarraz just outside Lausanne.


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