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Support slumps for two federal votes

National News // Nov. 18, 2020

The latest polls show a slump in support for the Responsible Business initiative. The vote calls for Swiss companies to he held responsible for human rights abuses and environmental crimes that may have been committed abroad – even by their subsidiaries.

Pixabay Support slumps for two federal votes

It was launched in 2016 by a coalition of 80 NGOs ad trade unions.

It’s opposed by the government and parliament who say such allegations are better treated in the country involved and could overwhelm the Swiss justice system.

A new poll by the 20 Minutes newspaper shows support is down by 6% at just 51%. To pass it requires a double majority of the people and the cantons. Pollsters suggest it’s likely to fail on the cantonal count.

The other vote which would ban public bodies from investing in the arms trade which seemingly started well also looks troubled. Support is down 10% at 41%.

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