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Switzerland is a worry for neighbours

National News // Nov. 17, 2020

Switzerland is a European hotspot – and our neighbours fear we could become a second Sweden – noted for not having a lockdown.

Pixabay Switzerland is a worry for neighbours

Figures show the country is seeing 1,108 new infections a day on a 14-day average. That’s higher than all neighboring countries – including Austria which is under strict lockdown conditions.

But the Federal Council is focusing more on local action and personal responsibility.

In Geneva, a new worrying record has been set. Yesterday at noon the University Hospital has the highest number of Covid patients its ever had at 642 with 87 under intermediate or intensive care.

The figures come after last week’s mild optimism which saw a fall in admissions.

Despite the hospitalizations, Geneva infection rates are down 27% on the week, but  it’s still the worst affected region in Europe.



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