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Govt plans vaccine publicity campaign

National News // Nov. 16, 2020

The federal government is getting ready to launch a publicity campaign to counter any anti-vaccination messages to try to make sure as many people get vaccinated against covid-19 when its available.

Pixabay Govt plans vaccine publicity campaign

The latest survey from the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation shows only 16% of the population would be happy to get vaccinated as soon as one is available and 28% say they would never get one.

The rest say they’re uncertain.

While the health minister Alain Berset says the government will not force everyone to have it, it may use powers it has to make it compulsory for some working in sensitive sectors – such as in hospitals and care homes.

Leading infectious disease expert Andreas Widmer suggests those who don’t get vaccinated will have trouble travelling. He says the unvaccinated shouldn’t be able to take a plane, bus or boat – or otherwise have a negative test every time.


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