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Federal Council looks certain to bring in tougher measures

National News // Oct. 27, 2020

Tougher measures are coming – there doesn’t seem to be in any doubt about that. The Federal Council looks set to bring in new restrictions.

Pixabay Federal Council looks certain to bring in tougher measures

The cantons are preparing, many of them are now proposing their own new rules.

But there does seem to be some differences of opinion on how far they should go.

Mask wearing outside – as proposed by health minister Alain Berset - is being pushed back by some of the more rural cantons. But Ticino has brought in the outdoor rule if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can’t be maintained.

A potential curfew, similar to the one now active in many areas of France, is being considered. Berset says he favours the time for everyone to be off the street should be from 10pm to 6am – but some cantons say it should start at 11pm – with the ability to apply stricter local rules if necessary.

How big gatherings should be is also proving contentious. Some cantons say there should be a limit of 1,000 people – others say it should be as low as 50.

But the limit set by some cantons for private parties of 15 people is being questioned. Mainly on how it should be policed. One suggestion from a government councilor is that it should be expressed as a recommendation and not a law.


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