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More and more infections and hospital space warnings

National News // Oct. 22, 2020

A further 5,596 people have tested positive for covid-19, eleven have died and a further 115 people have been admitted to hospital.

Pixabay More and more infections and hospital space warnings

The infection rate is running at 19.7% with on average 389.9 infections per 100,000.

Canton Valais remains the worst affected with 897 per 100,000. Appenzell Innerrhoden is the next at 805.

Local politicians in canton Ticino are watching the climbing infection rates in Italy with concern. A member of the cantonal grand council, Tiziano Galeazzi, says those crossing the borders should have their temperature taken and only those with a good reason to enter Switzerland should be allowed.

The Federal Coronavirus Taskforce says on the current trends, all intensive care beds will be occupied in four weeks. While the government says it wants to avoid a new lockdown – it’s not off the agenda.

Despite the Swiss infection rate moving higher than many other European countries. It’s expected the quarantine list will be expanding. The government has set a rate of 60 per 100,000 to trigger isolation. No European country is below this – so the quarantine list will only get longer tomorrow.


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