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Worst should be over by April according to expert

National News // Oct. 14, 2020

The worst of the coronavirus crisis should be over by April next year and a further national lockdown is unlikely.

Pixabay Worst should be over by April according to expert

That’s according to the co-director of the government’s Covid-19 taskforce, Manuel Battegay.

In an interview with the Tages-Anzieger newspaper, he says we must all learn how to behave in everyday situations. He also advises anyone wanting to visit grandparents not to go clubbing for 10 days beforehand.

He says the hospitals are ready to deal with the growing number of cases – but warns capacity is not limitless.

He says we will have to live with the virus for the whole of next year - but hopes a vaccine will be available by the middle of 2021 and the worst should be over by spring.

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