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Geneva says yes to minimum wage and other local votes

National News // Sept. 28, 2020

In local votes, Geneva has agreed to the highest minimum wage in the world. And it will come into force almost immediately.

Pixabay Geneva says yes to minimum wage and other local votes

58% said everyone should earn at least CHF 23 an hour. State councilor Antonio Hodgers hailed the result and warns companies the law overrides any existing collective agreement made with workers.

It’s thought the new law will impact nearly 7% of workers in the canton – and will it come into force at the end of next month.

Geneva voters have also backed the government to remove 4,000 parking places in an effort to improve public transport and cycling.

A significant majority, over 58% agreed.

Supporters hailed the victory saying the day of the car is over – and note many younger people don’t even have a licence.

Detractors say they’re worried about local businesses.


Plans to build a new windfarm in the Bernese Jura failed by only 5 votes. The project was backed by local authorities and farmers.


Zurich said yes to new cycling lanes and a stadium in Hardturm which will host the two teams, FC Zurich and Grasshoppers.

Nidwalden is to bring in what is thought to be the lowest corporate tax rate in the world at 5.1%.

Those in canton Aargau won’t have to replace their boilers in the next 10 years  - and canton Schwyz won’t bring in bi-lingual German and English classes for secondary students. The idea was backed by the parliament, but not the government. It was designed to fight competition from international schools.


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