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Vaud brings in strictist anti-virus measures

National News // Sept. 16, 2020

Canton Vaud is bringing in the strictest anti-coronavirus measures in the country from 3pm tomorrow.

Pixabay Vaud brings in strictist anti-virus measures

The canton is in the grip of fast rising infections – a third of all positive tests throughout Switzerland are from Vaud. The canton says the hospitals are filling up, especially with those over 65 years old.

On Sunday the canton had 193 new cases – for comparison, Zurich had 71.

The new rules mean masks will have to be worn in all public places and government buildings. Nightclubs will be closed again and all events with more than 100 people banned.

The restrictions will last until the end of October at the earliest.

But there are criticisms the canton’s track and trace system is failing. There are 900 people in isolation in Vaud – and many of them say they were only told after several days from the first possible contact.




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