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Is natural remedy for Covid-19 be too good to be true

National News // Sept. 15, 2020

Following yesterday’s news that a natural remedy could fight the coronavirus – the questions have started.

pixabay Is natural remedy for Covid-19 be too good to be true

The focus is on a Swiss based product, Echinaforce – which contains the ingredient Echinacea. The herb has been used for years to treat cold like symptoms.

A study from a laboratory in canton Bern suggests the product kills the virus.

But some have questions. The company that makes Echinaforce uses alcohol to extract the vital ingredient – and it could be that killing the virus in the petri dish.

 And then it’s being pointed out some of the researchers work for the manufacturer in Thun which also partly financed the study - although that is listed in the competing interest section.

The findings have been published in the paper, Virology Journal.


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