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No fare rises promises Swiss Federal Railways

National News // Sept. 11, 2020

Train fares will not go up to cover the cost of the pandemic. That’s the assurance of the head of Swiss Federal Railways, Vincent Ducrot. 

Pixabay No fare rises promises Swiss Federal Railways

At a press conference yesterday, the company said it has lost CHF 479m due to the cut in passenger traffic. At one point it was losing a million francs an hour.

In normal times, 1.3m passengers would have been expected in the first 6 months of the year – this year it was just 810,000.

As many people are still working from home or have chosen to take the car – numbers are still way down.

The government wants to inject CHF 900m into the system.

Some analysts say the transport network needs to radically rethink the service it offers, as numbers are likely to be down for a while yet.



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