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Cheapest soaps best for skin health

National News // Sept. 3, 2020

We’ve been told to wash our hands regularly for the last few months – but a consumer test has shown it’s important to use the right soap otherwise it could affect skin health and even trigger eczema. 

Unsplash Cheapest soaps best for skin health

The tests show that often it’s the cheapest soaps that are the best and the most expensive, the worst. 

Dermatologist Bettina Schlagenhauff told the Swiss TV consumer show ‘Kassensturz’ she’s seen more cases of eczema since the start of the pandemic – especially amongst medical staff. 

Some soaps take away the skin’s own fatty protections – which could lead to problems. 

Tests show some of the best soaps – those that clean, will kill the virus and are good to the skin - are the cheap ones. 

The best so far is Isana Mango Exotic, from the budget store Denner, and is also the cheapest. 

And the worst came from the health store Müller, called Sonett. It was also the most expensive. 


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