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Germany asked to hold up their side of 1996 rail plans

National News // Sept. 1, 2020

Switzerland is putting pressure on Germany to finish its rail plans it agreed to in 1996. 

Unsplash Germany asked to hold up their side of 1996 rail plans

Over 20 years ago a plan was put in place to reduce the number of trucks driving through the country by putting them on trains – the Gotthard Base Tunnel was integral – but also the Ceneri tunnel in canton Ticino is part of the plan; that’s due to open by the end of the year. 

To work properly, Germany agreed to develop new lines running from Karlsruhe and Basel – but it is behind. 

The president Simonetta Sommaruga says she’s demanding Germany keeps its promise to finish the line. Under the current plans, the new German line won’t be ready for another 20 years. 

But Sommaruga says Germany’s environmental plans are aligned and she hopes the new line will be ready earlier. 

The new tunnel will be handed over  from the construction company to Swiss Federal Railways later today. The first services will run in December. 


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