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Swiss People's Party under fire for using child in anti-immigration ad

National News // Aug. 20, 2020

The right-wing Swiss People’s Party is under fire on social media for using a child on its latest advert urging voters to end the Free Movement agreement with the European Union. 

Unsplash Swiss People's Party under fire for using child in anti-immigration ad

In the advert, a girl aged about 12, narrates how she’s heard her parents say Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world and its culture is very important. 

The video continues as she says there are more and more people, how she’s scared to go to school, her father is out of work and she can’t play outside her own home. 

Social media comments say it’s wrong to use a child in a political campaign and others say the video is racist. 

But the advert is defended by the party. Glarus MP Andreas Glarner says children are used in Nutella adverts and the vote is about the future for the children. 

The vote is being seen as a re-run of the immigration referendum in 2014, which was only very narrowly passed but supporters complain it has not been fully implemented. 

The government says if it passes it would threaten Switzerland’s membership of the EU’s single market. 

Voters will make their decision next month – the latest polls show a narrow majority against. 





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