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Government to fix inter-cantonal track and trace issues

National News // Aug. 17, 2020

The government says it will work to fix problems in the track and trace system after it was revealed cantons are failing to work together on identifying infected people and some doctors are not reporting cases accurately to the Federal Health Office.

UN Government to fix inter-cantonal track and trace issues

Yesterday’s NZZ newspaper highlighted two doctors who did not sent information to Bern between July and August.

The data gap could mean risk factors and local hotspots may have been missed.

The Blick newspaper also highlighted problems of inter-cantonal reporting. Each canton is using its own computer system and points out if someone works and lives in different canton, no one is responsible for tracking contacts.

The president, Simonetta Sommaruga, is to bring cantonal public health officers together in an effort to improve communication.

The latest numbers over the weekend show 453 new infections on Saturday and Sunday.

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