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Nightclubs not source of most infections

National News // Aug. 3, 2020

Nightclubs are not the source of the most infections of coronavirus in Switzerland. 


Unsplash Nightclubs not source of most infections
That’s according to the Federal Office of Public Health, correcting information it published on Friday. 
Instead, the family is the main source of contamination, accounting for 27% of cases in the second half of July.
Officials say “establishments hosting nightlife” - so that’s clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants - account for less than 10% of contaminations. 
Transmission in schools is very low at just 0.3%.
It’ll now be interesting to see how Geneva reacts to the clarification - as the agency insists the canton’s decision to close nightclubs was made without the correct statistics.
Geneva announced the closure of discos, dance halls and nightclubs on Friday, with bars forced to ask customers to drink seated. 
Customers could be fined up to 100 francs, and for owners penalties could range from 10,000 to 20,000 Swiss francs for the most serious cases.
The 7-day average last week for daily new coronavirus cases was 158 - that’s up 45% on the week before. 

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