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Catering industry turnover takes nosedive in July

National News // Aug. 3, 2020

The catering industry has announced a sharp decrease in turnover in July. 


Unsplash Catering industry turnover takes nosedive in July
The Federation of GastroSuisse says some hotel and catering establishments recorded an average decline in turnover of 31% - compared to the corresponding month of the previous year. 
Those in the lakes and mountainous regions fared better than in towns and cities - as domestic tourists have flocked to popular destinations.  
Casimir Platzer, President of GastroSuisse says that the “situation remains critical for many establishments”.
He’s calling on the government to take economic measures to support the sector - especially if lockdown-type restrictions need to be re-introduced to curb any future rates of infection. 
He said the consequences of that for the industry would otherwise be “catastrophic”.

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