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Trained police dog euthanised after attacking child

National News // July 30, 2020

A trained police dog has been euthanized after it attacked a 5-year-old boy without provocation. 

Unsplash Trained police dog euthanised after attacking child

Several weeks ago, little Johan from canton Bern was playing in the gardens outside his apartment building when his mother heard him scream. 

The 7-year-old Belgium Shepherd was with its handler – but off duty. The mother says the leash was too long. The handler immediately pulled it back. 

The dog was attached to the canton Jura police department.

The police say the dog was a good police dog – but had trouble distinguishing between on and off duty. 

The cantonal vet says the dog’s euthanizing was the best solution. 

Although the attack was now around three weeks ago, Johan’s injuries haven’t fully healed.


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