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Holidaymakers warned that countries' quarantine statuses could change

National News // July 23, 2020

The Federal Health Office is warning holidaymakers the status of the country they’re visiting could change while they’re away – and that they may have to quarantine on return. 

Unsplash Holidaymakers warned that countries' quarantine statuses could change

The countries on a quarantine list have been updated – and it’s longer. There are now 42, up from 29. But Sweden has been removed. 

Many of the countries are unlikely to be a concern for most travellers but the list does include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, UAE and Luxembourg. 

Sweden - which famously didn’t lock down – has an acceptable infection rate now according to the health office but Spain’s rate is increasing and Stefan Kuster, the head of the Communicable Disease Unit, says the country’s safe status may change, even whilst people are away. 

The latest figures show there were 141 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours, with a lower number of average tests at under 7,000. The infection rate is estimated at 1.1, meaning the number of cases is on the rise. 


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