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Valais police bust seatbelt myth on mountain roads

National News // July 9, 2020

Police in canton Valais are urging drivers not to take their seatbelts off when driving on mountain roads. 

Unsplash Valais police bust seatbelt myth on mountain roads

It’s a long running theory that it is safer not to be belted if the car comes off the road – occupants will be thrown clear if it rolls. 

Rubbish, say the police, and they want to end the rumor. 

They say there’s a far better chance of survival of staying in the car, even if it does roll several times.

Two recent fatal accidents have highlighted the problem. 

Now moving into the summer break, more people will be heading to the mountains, and the police are urging caution. 

Don’t drive too fast, use engine braking when coming down to prevent the brakes from overheating –V and wear a seatbelt, always. 


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