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Meteorologists say 'unusual' heatwaves now becoming norm

National News // July 3, 2020

In a joint statement – meteorologists from Switzerland, Germany and Austria say heatwaves which were considered unusual in the 1990s are now becoming the norm. 

Unsplash Meteorologists say 'unusual' heatwaves now becoming norm

The forecasters say the change is a clear sign of climate change. 

A heatwave is described as 14 consecutive days with an average temperature above 30 degrees and nights of above 20. 

A heatwave in major cities was expected every 4 years on average, now its every 2. 

The forecasters say they expect that to continue. 

Weather records from all three countries date from the mid to late 1800s – except for Austria, which has accurate numbers from 1767. 


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