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Lockdown over as rules lifted or lightened

National News // June 22, 2020

The country moves out of lockdown today with many rules either abolished or lightened. 

Unsplash Lockdown over as rules lifted or lightened

Only the ban on large scale gatherings remain in place and the social distance gap of 2 meters is cut to 1.5, but some businesses can be more flexible on that. 

The government is lifting the recommendation that people work from home and the decision on whether to return to the office is now one for the employer. But workplaces should have precautions in place, such as access to hand-sanitizers. 

Masks should be used on public transport - although it’s not compulsory to wear one, passengers should have one with them and use it if they can’t maintain a 1.5-meter distance. 

The Federal Council says the new rules are possible as the number of new cases remains low and says it hopes people will continue to behave responsibility. 


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