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Carbon tax to be added to flights in Switzerland

National News // June 11, 2020

A new carbon tax will be added to flights in Switzerland. Parliament passed the new section which will now be added to a new anti-pollution bill. 

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash Carbon tax to be added to flights in Switzerland

The tax had not been proposed by the Federal Council. 

The price will vary between 30 and 120 francs, depending on the distance and aircraft type.

It will apply to internal and international flights – but not for connections. 

Backers say it’s essential in the fight against climate change.

Private aircraft will also be taxed to a maximum of CHF 5,000. 

In the same vote, parliamentarians also agreed to a petrol tax hike. A liter of fuel could be 12 cents more by 2024. 


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