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Thousands march across country in anti-racism protests

National News // June 8, 2020

Thousands marched across the country over the weekend in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign. 

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash Thousands march across country in anti-racism protests

For the most part, the demonstrations were peaceful – although illegal due to the coronavirus restrictions.

5,000 marched in Basel. Police handed out leaflets explaining the federal rules on gatherings, but they didn’t intervene. Some Basel officers showed support by going down on one knee with protestors.

1,000 marched in Zurich. Again, police decided not to intervene, but stressed no further demonstrations would be permitted. One woman was arrested. Police say she was instrumental in organizing the march. In one incidence a black Zurich police officer was attacked. 

Police confirmed the assault and a man has been arrested. 

Smaller demonstrations were also held in Bern and Neuchatel. 

Authorities in Neuchatel had authorized the march as it complied with the rules – it was split into two 300 people groups, which has been allowed since Saturday. 


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