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Canton Jura says lack of humans in forest a problem

National News // June 3, 2020

While there have been many stories on how the lockdown has favoured wildlife, canton Jura says the lack of human activity in the forest is causing a major problem. 

Photo by Michael Benz on Unsplash Canton Jura says lack of humans in forest a problem

The bark beetle has the potential to wipe out entire conifer forests in the canton – according to officials. 

While there have been many attempts to eradicate the pest, one of the most effective methods is targeted tree harvesting. 

But due to the pandemic, many companies that use wood for fuel don’t need it and demand has dropped. 

Coupled with the extra cost the canton needs to spend because of lockdown, there’s no spare resources to fight the beetle. 

The insect is also benefitting from the mild winter and warm spring. The canton fears the level of deforestation could equal the disaster in 2003 when 50,000m3 of woodland was lost. 


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