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Federal Health Office defends 2m distancing rule

National News // May 20, 2020

Daniel Koch of the Federal Health Office is defending its two-meter rule, which is one of the strictest in the world. 

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash Federal Health Office defends 2m distancing rule

In Germany it’s 1.5m, Austria is 1 meter, the United States is 1.8 meters – that’s 6 feet. 

Koch admits the 2-meter rule is arbitrary, but it seems logical. He adds no one walks around with a tape measure. 

Although bar and restaurant owners may disagree, as they have been setting tables with centimeter accuracy. 

There is one other country with a 2-meter rule: the United Kingdom. But even there, there is dispute. The British Member of Parliament, Ian Duncan-Smith, recently complained 2 meters is too much and says the UK has the biggest safety distance in the world.

Someone should tell him.  


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