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National Covid-19 posters change to mark new rules

National News // May 1, 2020

The posters that are everywhere at the moment outlining the lockdown and social distancing rules are changing colour. Out goes the old red background and now the new signs are in pink. 

Federal Health Office National Covid-19 posters change to mark new rules

The Federal Health Office says it’s to draw attention to the change in the rules after May 11th. 

But the basic rules still apply – with the addition the health office is now recommending masks in public. 

Swiss Federal Railways and the PostBus network say masks should be worn on pubic transport if you’re unable to maintain a 2-metre gap with others. They’re also urging passengers to try to stagger commute times to lower rush hour numbers. 

It remains only a recommendation and masks will not be handed out at train stations. 

Those using cross border transport are reminded that the neighboring country’s rule apply when on their territory. Germany and Austria have made mask wearing compulsory and France is expected to follow. 


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