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Confusion over government's lockdown easing announcement

National News // May 1, 2020

Yesterday’s announcement of the next stages of lockdown easing has not gone smoothly. 

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash Confusion over government's lockdown easing announcement

There was initial surprise at what was allowed to be open on May 11th – some think it’s too much too soon. 

Then those looking to shed some weight after being stuck at home were confronted with different messages. 

First the government said sport and leisure activities would be allowed – but what exactly did that mean? Some said football clubs could open – but not gyms.

The Federal Office of Public Health tried to clarify the situation on Facebook – but made the situation worse. First, they said gyms and yoga studios would have to stay closed – and within hours, changed tack and said they could open – providing social distancing measures are in place. 

The same uncertainty surrounded bars and restaurants and the number of people at the same table. At first 6 could be at the same table, then 5 – and the final number seems to be 4, but not counting children. 

The Federal Council does not seem to be making any distinction between restaurants, bars and pubs. But again, social distancing measures have to be in force. 


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