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Cantons to each decide how best to reopen schools

National News // May 1, 2020

Schools will be reopening from May 11th but it is up to the cantons on how best to keep the children safe. 

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash Cantons to each decide how best to reopen schools

In Geneva its planned to divide classes into morning and afternoon groups to half the number in the building at the same time. 

The canton is not recommending children wear a mask – if used improperly masks can actually increase the risk of infection, according to the cantonal health office. 

Teachers should maintain a 2-metre gap with students. Schools will be supplied with alcohol hand sanitizers and soap and doors will be left open to prevent infection from handles. 

Other cantons are expected to adopt similar measures. 

Authorities are stressing to parents that when the schools reopen attendance is compulsory. 


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