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Government reveals service industry rules amidst criticism

National News // April 30, 2020

The government has revealed further relaxation of the lockdown over the next few weeks – but not everyone is happy, and many see potential problems. 

Photo by Patryk Sobczak on Unsplash Government reveals service industry rules amidst criticism

As expected, from May 11th shops and restaurants will be able to open as well as some museums. 

But there will be limitations. Restaurants will have to provide a 2-meter gap between tables. Although 4 people will be able to sit at the same table – not including customer’s children. 

But many owners say this will limit capacity which means they won’t be able to run their business profitably, so may choose to stay closed. 

The head of GastroVaud, Gilles Meystre, says restaurants must be able to continue to access government help until all rules are lifted. 

He’s also concerned it may fall to staff to make sure customers respect the rules – and he’s worried they will have to perform police roles.


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