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Switzerland experiences first day of easing lockdown restrictions

National News // April 28, 2020

Switzerland began easing out of lockdown restrictions yesterday.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash Switzerland experiences first day of easing lockdown restrictions

Health Minister Alain Berset called it a “controlled pace” and said the Federal Council is constantly monitoring the situation. 

It was the day we’d waited for for 6 weeks.

People queued - some for hours - outside hair salons, DIY stores and garden centres. 

Staff members ensured clients were waiting in line - spaced 2 metres apart. 

Branches resuming work, had each provided protection plans against coronavirus infections. 

One garden centre I visited was only allowing 5 people in the store at any one time. 

Checkout tills are now protected by plexiglass windows and payments must be made by card. 

For others this, life in partial lockdown remains pretty much the same. 

The advice continues to be: stay at home, continue social distancing and school’s still out for another two weeks at least.

Switzerland now has 29,000 laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus - just over 100 additional cases over 24hrs - which continues the trend of flattening the curve rate of infection. 

1,353 people have now died. 


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