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Fast food restaurant demand outstrips supply

National News // April 28, 2020

As hopes rise of life becoming more normal – one question being asked most commonly on social media is - what will you do first? 

Photo by Terry Jaskiw on Unsplash Fast food restaurant demand outstrips supply

Well the answer may be fast food. 

In Geneva, some McDonald’s restaurants opened up drive through windows and take-away counters yesterday and demand soon outstripped supply. 

Everyone had to wait – up to two hours at times. 

Police had to clear the pavement near Plainpalais and a queue of cars was diverted to a swimming pool car park in Lignon. 

The food delivery companies struggled to keep up with demand as their drivers had to wait in the queues with everyone else. Smood says it was forced to stop taking orders for a while. 

They said they will pay their employees compensation for the long wait times. 

Other fast food restaurants around the country reported similar demand.


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