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Lockdown restriction easing begins

National News // April 27, 2020

Today - after 6 weeks in coronavirus lockdown - Switzerland is starting, slowly, to ease restrictions across the country. 

Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash Lockdown restriction easing begins

Hospitals are returning to ‘normal operation’, and planned surgeries can now go ahead.  

DIY shops, florists and garden centres re-open plus dentists, hair and beauty salons, vets and physios will start to see clients again.

The one exception is in Ticino - where easing won’t start until next Monday. 

The law imposing a ban on gatherings of more than 5 people remains in place. 

Infection rates have decreased slightly over the weekend, with 167 new cases reported over the last 24 hours to yesterday afternoon. This is around the daily average now

There’s now a total 29,000 confirmed cases in Switzerland, and 1337 people have died. 

On Friday, Daniel Koch from the Federal Office for Health’s communicable diseases division confirmed the curve rate of infection has currently flattened in Switzerland, but he urged the general population not to relax their social distancing and hygiene measures. 


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