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Federal Council due to announce plans for reopening schools

National News // April 27, 2020

While some restrictions are lifted today, schools remain closed. The Federal Council is due to announce on Wednesday its plans for reopening. 

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash Federal Council due to announce plans for reopening schools

It’s likely there will be different rules depending on the child’s age. 

The government says it’s clear younger children are not at a serious risk from the coronavirus and also seem to be a poor vector for the infection. 

For those under 10 years old, they won’t need to maintain social distancing and classes can be held as normal from May 11th. 

For older children it’s more complicated. Teachers say it will be hard to maintain social distancing as they need to examine their work and handle papers. 

One union leader says the classes should be smaller and the experience of online teaching has been broadly positive – and should be continued. 

The Federal Health Office says plans on how to reopen schools have not be finalized. 


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