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Philanthropist reducing face mask deficit talks to WRS

National News // April 24, 2020

A Geneva-based philanthropist has been telling World Radio Switzerland about his huge investment in obtaining millions of masks for Switzerland.  


Photo by Tonik on Unsplash Philanthropist reducing face mask deficit talks to WRS
Abdallah Chatila - told us how he took a big risk, investing capital in purchasing the masks outright from China to ensure delivery. 
He’s then been working to create a so-called “airbridge” of flights between China and Switzerland full of PPE equipment.  
Its a pivot for his company M3 Groupe, which normally manages commercial buildings, restaurants and hotels, among other things. 
Calling it a “social venture” not a philanthropic one, he told us what gave him the idea:
“A lot of people are taking advantage of the situation by overselling the masks, so my idea was to take a big a risk, buy the masks, bring them over here, and sell them at 80 cents a mask for the general population, at 25 cents for the government, and at 50 cents for the other clinics. And this allowed some breathing space to the people that really need a mask.”

You can buy the masks from mystore.ch

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