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Covid-19 Updates: Ticino lockdown extended and masks not mandatory

National News // April 23, 2020

Ticino’s lockdown is to be extended until May 3 - instead of starting to ease restrictions on Monday, along with the rest of the country. 

Photo by reelika raspel on Unsplash Covid-19 Updates: Ticino lockdown extended and masks not mandatory

The Canton had applied to the Federal Council for special dispensation, due to the ongoing situation in the neighbouring Italian region of Lombardy.

The Council allowed the application, saying it understood the special case. 

At a press conference yesterday, officials also confirmed no more plans have been made beyond June 8th - when the third phase of the lockdown is due to take place.

Health Minister Alain Berset, had some positive news for the hospitality industry, saying he was confident we’ll be able to “enjoy a drink outside during the summer”. 

It was also confirmed there will be no general requirement to wear a mask in public and if necessary, individual industries would develop their own guidelines. 

There have been 205 new cases of coronavirus in Switzerland over the past 24hrs. 

A total of 28,268 laboratory-confirmed cases have now been recorded.

To date, 1,217 deaths have been associated with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 disease.


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