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Lockdown-easing plan leaves many confused and service industry disappointed

National News // April 20, 2020

After last Thursday’s lockdown easing announcement - the food and beverage industry was particularly disappointed that restaurants and bars must remain closed, indefinitely.

Pixabay Lockdown-easing plan leaves many confused and service industry disappointed

There have been lots of holes to pick in the government’s 3-stage plan to ease us out of lockdown.

Why, for example, could hairdressers open, while one-to-one fitness sessions could not take place…?

What about bookstores… in the current situation, how do they differ from garden centres or DIY?

But it’s been the lack of decision about bars, cafes and restaurants that’s gained the most attention over the weekend.

The Gastro-Suisse Hospitality Association claims it submitted plans to allow a gradual return to service before the decision was made last week.

Including submitting proposals on limiting guest numbers and enforcing a minimum distance between tables.

But there could be reason for optimism… Speaking to Le Matin Dimanche, Minister for Economics, Guy Parmelin said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility that restaurants could re-open in the coming weeks - depending on how the situation develops.



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