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Hospitality industry nervous about future

National News // April 17, 2020

Following the announcement, many sectors of the economy are relieved. But those in the hospitality industry remain nervous. 


Pixabay Hospitality industry nervous about future
One garden centre owner told the Blick newspaper that its good timing - as summer plants will be going on sale on the 27th. 
The head of the Swiss Retail Federation, Dagmar Jenni, says the government’s staged plan gives companies a chance of plan and prepare. 
With no date for the reopening of bars and restaurants - owners are concerned.
The industry association GastroSuisse has said it is "very disappointed" with the Federal Council's exit strategy. 
It’s angry that the food industry is being held back, while others are allowed to go back to normal. 
Insiders are telling the press that a mid-May opening is possible for the catering industry – but it will depend on infection rates.
There’s been positive reaction from most of Switzerland’s political parties, according to the Tribune de Geneve. 
That’s with the exception of the right-wing Swiss People’s Party who’ve said it finds the government’s strategy to lift the lockdown in small steps “incomprehensible”.
At the other end of the political spectrum, left wing parties say the easing structure allows for society and the economy to “plan for the future”.

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