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Some food markets to reopen in move to restore equality

National News // April 15, 2020

Some markets in French-speaking Switzerland are reopening to customers this week in an effort to provide consumers with alternative food outlets. 

Pixabay Some food markets to reopen in move to restore equality

After weeks of queuing at supermarkets - or waiting for those most rarest of things, a food delivery slot - it looks like some of us might soon have another option. 

Cantonal authorities in Lausanne and Geneva are allowing a partial re-opening of some market stands from this week.  

On Thursday, 11 stalls selling basic foods will open in Geneva’s Plainpalais - complying with the rules of the Federal Office for Public Health. 

Stands will be 70m apart, with marking on the ground to help customers queue at a distance from one another. 

Lausanne has also announced partial re-openings from today. 

It’s said the move is to restore some equality between food vendors - as supermarkets have been allowed to remain open, while others have suffered from the lockdown. 


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