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Lockdown extended but restrictions set to loosen

National News // April 9, 2020

Switzerland’s lockdown has been extended by another week - until April 26. 

Pixabay Lockdown extended but restrictions set to loosen

But after that, the Federal Council says we can expect controls and restrictions to be gradually loosened. 

Any easing of controls will be “cautious and gradual” according to a motion passed by the Federal Council.

The Department for Home Affairs has been commissioned to plan a phase-out of the lockdown which will be presented to the public in a week’s time. 

According to official figures, the number of Covid-19 infections detected in Switzerland rose by 547 over the past 24hrs, to 22,789 cases. 

At least 705 people have died.

The latest figures show that the curve rate of new infections is slowly levelling off. 

The number of hospitalisations for coronavirus has declined for the first time. 

Health Minister Alain Berset says that although we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, people need to stay patient - and disciplined. 

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