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Country in lock-down, chaos as borders, home testing trialed.

National News // By Mark // March 17, 2020

Switzerland is now in lock-down. Only essential shops, such as food and pharmacies, can be open. 

Also service stations are allowed to stay open. 

pixabay Country in lock-down, chaos as borders, home testing trialed.

Bars and restaurants and other businesses deemed non-essential have to close. 

Strict entry requirements caused havoc at border crossings this morning. Everyone had to show either a Swiss passport or a frontalier work permit to enter Switzerland. 

Drivers reported delays ranging from an hour to 5 hours to cross into Switzerland on journeys that would normally take a few minutes. 

All workers are being urged to work from home if possible. 

Swiss Federal Railways have cut the number of services running between cities - the aim is to reduce the chances of passengers spreading the virus. 

After criticism, the government is increasing the number of people it's testing for Covid-19. Now anyone showing any symptoms can get tested. 

In Basel a new test is being trialled whuch csn be taken at people's homes. A medical team will visit those who are self-isolating as they suspect they may be infected. 

It only takes 15 seconds. 

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