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Country under increasing pressure to close border with Italy

National News // March 11, 2020

The Federal Council is under increasing pressure to close the Swiss border with Italy. 

Pixabay Country under increasing pressure to close border with Italy

Austria and Slovenia have brought in strict restrictions on those wishing to leave Italy.

Austria is demanding medical certificates to prove travelers do not have the infection and Slovenia says it will ban all non-commercial traffic between the two countries.

Switzerland is working on a system to restrict people from Italy – such as only workers and those on urgent family visits.

But many say it doesn’t go far enough. One doctor in Ticino, Andreas Cerny, says he doesn’t think politicians north of the Gotthard are grasping the problems.

He says hospitals in northern Italy are straining to look after the ill. Equipment is in short supply and some people are not getting the level of care they need.

The head of the Ticino Medical Association says only those working in the health sector should be able to cross into Switzerland. Nearly 4,000 medical workers in the canton live in Italy.

A third person has now died in Switzerland. An 80-year-old woman in Ticino died yesterday. There are now 476 confirmed cases in the country.


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