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Majority of citizens support government handling of Covid-19 outbreak

National News // March 9, 2020

The majority of people in the country believe the government is doing a good job in its efforts to control the spread of Covid-19. 

Pixabay Majority of citizens support government handling of Covid-19 outbreak

Although a quarter do believe the border with Italy should be closed. 

The survey by the SonntagsBlick newspaper shows there’s wide support for the ban on large gatherings and people are satisfied with the information being released by the Federal Health Office. 

Most feel they’re not in immediate danger and are following the advice of washing their hands often and avoiding physical contact when greeting, such as shaking hands and kissing. 

But 25% do say the border with hard hit Italy should be closed. Around 70,000 cross every day to work in Switzerland. 

Despite the Italian government sealing off several areas of the country, the borders with Switzerland will remain open to cross border workers and goods traffic. Commuters will have to show their G Permit at the border. 

The Swiss health sector is heavily dependent of cross border workers as many doctors and nurses who work in canton Ticino live in Italy.


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