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Cyber-attack blamed for collapse of window company

National News // Feb. 28, 2020

A cyber-attack is being blamed for the collapse of a window company in Sankt Gallen with the loss of 170 jobs. 

Pixabay Cyber-attack blamed for collapse of window company

In May last year Swisswindows was hit by a computer virus which wiped out its customer data and caused the factory to close for a month. 

The managing director says the loss of business and high follow up costs was too much for the company to bear – and the debt so large potential investors were scared off. 

The virus also infected the backup files – which made them inaccessible. 

There’s speculation the gang behind the virus is based in Russia and uses the programme to blackmail companies into handing over cash to save their information. 

The prosecutor’s office in Sankt Gallen is confirming an investigation is under way, but is not releasing any further information. 


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