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European health ministers to discuss Covid-19 crisis in Rome

National News // Feb. 25, 2020

Several European health ministers will be meeting in Rome later today to discuss the Covid-19 crises. 

Pixabay European health ministers to discuss Covid-19 crisis in Rome

The ministers from Italy, Germany, Slovenia, France, Austria as well as Switzerland will examine a coordinated approach to stem the spread of the virus. The Federal Councillor Alain Berset will represent this country.

Meanwhile, although Switzerland has not had a confirmed case of Covid-19 yet, the virus is at the gates.

A 62-year-old man has died from the disease in the Italian city of Como, right on the Swiss border. Around 70,000 people cross the border from Italy for work every day.

The death is the seventh in Italy. Its also being reported the man was already suffering from a chronic health issue.

The Swiss government says the situation is under control at the moment and will issue more testing kits for the virus. Border guards are being trained on how to recognize symptoms and more money is being spent on an awareness campaign.

The Federal Health Office says there are enough isolation units at hospitals to handle an epidemic.

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